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Welcome to Alive Gardens

Gardening isn’t just about work, digging in the dirt or growing your own food. It’s about the feelings it brings to your soul and the beauty it adds to your property. 

I would like you to take a moment and feel the feels you want gardening to bring you…

  • Peacefulness 
  • Exploration 
  • One with Mother Earth 
  • Sense of Escape 
  • Challenge
  • Pride

The feels are endless and personal to you. 

New to raised bed gardening or seasoned, each and every garden experience is special to you and sometimes we just need a hand bringing it to life, tending it or getting comfortable in the vibe of gardening. 

Alive gardens assists you at the level you desire; designing the raised kitchen garden you envision to build and installation to planting and teaching to harvesting.

I personally work with you to diminish any frustration, help answer questions to take away the unknown of kitchen gardening while sharing my expert advice on garden location, planting, tending and more. 

Our raised kitchen gardens become one with your property. We will set your raised garden up for success in growing all things you find on your plate while adding colours through flowers. Smell the beauty, watch your yard come to life and enjoy the taste of sweet fresh fruits and vegetables. 

Hi! I'm Tessa,

I started my gardening journey 4 yrs ago thinking it would be nice and easy. I grew up with my mom who is a gardening whiz and a grandfather 95 yrs young still gardening like a boss. Well, I was very wrong. I learnt quickly there is an art to gardening. My first two years failed growing nothing but some potatoes. After those failed seasons, I decided to study, learn from some professionals, ask lots of questions to my mama and figure this gardening thing out.

My third year was a garden success. I had fruitful harvests, my husband went from sceptical to taking progress pictures and building me trellis's. I became filled with such pride and excitement while finding a sense of peace within my gardens.

I have been married 17 yrs and am in the middle of raising three busy, wonderful teenagers. We live in Alberta, Canada where the winters are long and cold and the summers never seem long enough.

There is a mindset around gardening in Alberta and I am here to teach and show, even through our short summer seasons we can grow successfully for many months.

What people are saying

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  “So excited to start my new garden space, and even more excited that I get to have Tessa help me make it a reality! Extremely easy to work with and understood my idea right from day 1. Answered all of my questions that came up along the way and gave me awesome resource material to reference as well. Working with her just makes me that much more excited to get started this summer. She provided me with a plan and a 3D picture of what the finished product will be! Highly recommend working with Tessa for all your gardening questions and projects” 

— Miranda G

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Gardening adds years to your life, and LIFE to your years.

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I like gardening - it's a place where I find myself when I need to lose myself.

— Alice Sebold

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