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Garden Planning

To maximize your garden space to its full potential, it is imperative you pre-plan your garden layouts.

One raised garden or four, once one growing season is complete, it's time to plant for the next. Here in Alberta we have three growing seasons, one in which we fall into twice.


  • measure garden(s) square feet
  • create a list of all your ideal fruits, vegetables and flowers
  • list all seeds into their desired season
  • list plant sizes

The following is arts and crafts time! We design your garden(s), color code by size, season, layout; creating your planting blue print.

When it's time to plant, you take your blue print outside and plant your garden(s). Your blue print takes the guessing away and eases the stress of overthinking.

Investment: $195

Garden Soil Prep

Get Your Garden Ready for Gardening Season!

From turning over the soil to prepping your tools, our garden prep package will help you create the perfect oasis for your plants.

Ensure your garden is ready to flourish this season with our Garden Prep package. Specially formulated to provide your plants with essential nutrients, improve soil health and peace of mind. Say hello to lush, beautiful growth this gardening season.

What this package offers:

  • soil turnover
  • compost added to replenish the nutrients
  • organize the garden tools you have and where you'll use them
  • measure the square feet per garden bed
  • clean out any annuals or debris that was left in over winter

Investment: $295

Garden Coaching

 Green Thumbs Up Your Gardening Game

Cultivate your green thumb with personalized coaching from Tessa. Let her guide you through the entire gardening process, so you can reap the rewards.

Grow and improve your gardening knowledge and skills with our 1:1 Garden Coaching package with Tessa.

Tessa guides you through every step of your gardening journey, from planning and purchasing to planting and first harvest. With this personalized and hands-on coaching, you'll not only feel confident in managing this season's garden, but also in facing any future gardening endeavors.

  • soil preparation
  • garden planting prep blue print
  • organize seeds into season and size for planting
  • shopping for plants and seeds
  • measure and plan garden layout for planting
  • plant plants and seeds into the garden(s)
  • talk watering plan
  • walk through your first harvest together

Investment: $595

Garden Design

After meeting for consultation, you've decided to DIY your personalized kitchen garden but are wanting Tessa to design your garden space in a digital CAD format.

*Investment starts at $350*

  • garden measurements taken
  • rough sketched design of desired garden space
  • pictures of current space taken for reference
  • digital CAD design done up in timely manner
  • 1 design revision
  • CAD design is emailed upon completion
  • Canadian packets of seeds
  • guide of plants, seeds, trellis, garden tools, flowers
  • guide of plant seasons, growing calendar and more

Design and Installation

After our initial consultation, Tessa go's over next steps in moving forward working together.

Turn-key installation is moving forward with garden design and full garden installation. We take all the guess work out and allow you to enjoy the growth and magic within your garden.

From start to finish, Tessa and her team work in a timely fashion so are enjoying your garden eats within weeks of installation.

From design to plants, construction to trellis, plant seasons to harvest and all in between, our team takes care of you and your garden.

*Investment starts $65/sq. ft*